Due to COVID-19 all in person worship, groups and activities are on hold.

We welcome you to connect with us through our online ministries and programs

Join us on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. for our 'Live' Worship Service through our

Facebook Live and YouTube Channels.

Information found on this page covers what we have done in the past, we look forward to the day we can open our doors again. 

At McKillop we provide spiritual and emotional support to members of our church families - in times of triumph, tragedy, joy and sorrow.

Through our Pastoral Care Committee, regular phone calls are made to McKillop folks in hospital, lodges and nursing homes.



Zoom?! Help!

Are you frustrated with seeing how many events are happening on zoom because zoom isn't a platform you are familiar with?


Did a well-meaning family member install zoom on your device but you aren't comfortable using it?

Have you zoomed once or twice but it isn't something you feel you can do with ease? 

McKillop is offering 1:1 zoom sessions to help build your confidence with the platform.

Call 403 328 2703 or email sarah@mckillopunited.ca to arrange for a short  "Zoom?! Help!" session. 

Missing the 


During these times it is even more important to stay in touch and connect with those around us!

Engage with us online, through zoom, our website and our social pages!

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Please call the church office (403) 328-2703, or email Judy (Sarah) if you or someone you know could use our support.