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We believe God has made us, and gifted us, an incredibly diverse people, diverse in gender, gender identity, race, age, physical and mental ability, class, faith, and sexual orientation.

Jesus knew no boundaries, reaching out to all people, welcoming and honoring all in their uniqueness.

We believe therefore we are called to be a circle of ministry that welcomes and includes all, honors the gifts of each, recognized the need of all for forgiveness and grace, and nourishes all in the faith walk to which we are called.


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Our Affirming Statement:

We celebrate the richness this brings to our church, even as it challenges us to walk with Christ down roads we have not yet traveled.












Our journey as an Affirming Congregation includes:

1. Supports within the congregation: Tiff, our Affirming Coordinator, is continually gathering information from members of our church to make McKillop a more welcoming space for everyone. This includes establishing more community groups, providing information, and making McKillop’s Affirming Ministry more visible in the broader community.  



How We Live as an Affirming Ministry

McKillop is committed to actively growing our Affirming Ministry. Our work is ongoing, and we are dedicated to learning, and increasing awareness about the LGBTQ+ community in the United Church.


2. Partnering with the community: McKillop has a long history of partnership with OUTreach Southern Alberta, a Lethbridge-based LGBTQ+ non-profit society. We host several of their support groups, including the Trans Support Group and Parents of LGBTQ+ Youth Group. McKillop is also a proud supporter of the Gay Straight Alliances and Queer Straight Alliances in our local schools. We also participate yearly in the Lethbridge Pride Fest, including marching in the Pride Parade and attending Pride in the Park.



3. Establishing peer to peer supports: The 2nd and 4th Thursday evening of each month, beginning October 27, Tiff hosts GAYmes Night, an evening for LGBTQ+ identified individuals to play board games, have coffee, and discuss topics brought forward by the group. Tiff is also available on Fridays from 11am-1pm in her office for one on one conversations.

4. Partnering with local churches: McKillop is always open to discussing the Affirming Ministry with other churches, and is actively seeking partnerships with other faith groups to support the LGBTQ+ community.


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