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Thank you for your generous spirit. We appreciate any and all donations.


Online Donation Form


Thank you!

How can I donate to McKillop United?

There are many convenient ways to support McKillop church.  Please see all the giving options available!

Online: You can now donate online through the McKillop website safely and securely. See form above!

Cash or Cheque:  Envelopes are always available in the sanctuary and you can also request your own personalized envelopes from our Office Administrator.

Interact E-mail Transfer:  send a transfer to our office administrator -


PAR - Pre-Authorized Remittances - This is the most effective way to donate, see details below.

Gifts of Securities:  Contact our Office Administrator.

Legacy Bequest:  A gift annuity, a life insurance policy, a charitable trust, real property such as securities or real estate, or a formal bequest through your estate.  Such gifts can maximize taxation benefits for your family and ensures the church will continue to service the needs of future generations. It is a great way to give a gift in memory of a loved one or a special occasion such as Graduation, Baptism, or Confirmation.  All Legacy Bequests are invested in our Special Gift Fund.  Contact our Office Administrator,  for more information.

What is the most effective way for me to donate?

The most effective way is through PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance).  This is an automatic bank debit and 100% of your donation goes to McKillop United.

Why is PAR the best way to give to McKillop?
•    100% of your donation goes directly to McKillop.
•    You can decide annually the monthly gift that fits your budget - "Set it and forget it".
•    Your gift counts even on the Sundays when you aren’t able to attend.
•    The church is able to plan ahead for our programs and people because we know how much money we will be receiving monthly.

Sounds good -  how do I sign up for PAR?
Fill out the PAR Form and email it to our Office Administrator, Judy

Thank you for making a difference!

The United Church of Canada Mission and Service Fund

We Are United through Mission and Service.  The United Church of Canada has a positive impact on the world through its Mission and Service work.  This work identifies us as a Christian community and illustrates our beliefs as Canada’s largest protestant denomination.  Our Mission and Service work is how we live out our United Church creed, how we put our faith into action through projects like Gifts with Vision.

Through our Mission and Service work and the Mission and Service Fund, we are united in deciding what mission and ministry to support. We also pool our financial resources in the Mission and Service Fund to support this work.  With Mission and Service work we speak with a united voice in advocacy and justice work and participate together in worship.  

The United Church is able to work together for human rights, social justice, peace initiatives, and global development thanks to the Mission and Service Fund.  Gifts to the Mission and Service Fund from congregations, individuals, and from bequests total about $30,000,000 annually.  Mission and Service donations support congregations, programs, and new church development. Some of the money is spent in Canadian outreach programs, some on international relief and development programs, some to train ministers, some to maintain ecumenical relationships, and some to administer the work of the church.  

The United Church's Mission and Service Fund works with partners in Canada and internationally to ensure that needs are assessed quickly and accurately, that responses are immediate, and that ongoing support helps prevent problems from recurring.  Because of the Mission and Service Fund, the United Church is able to quickly respond to emergency situations without waiting for media appeals to create interest in them.  Working with reliable trusted partners in Canada and in 37 countries means that less money is spent coordinating and delivering aid and more money goes where it is needed.

Consider supporting the Mission and Service Fund through donating to McKillop by cheque, PAR, or online.

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