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Sanctuary doors


Since 1954 McKillop has responded to the changing context, the needs of Lethbridge, and the spiritual journey.

Here we have experienced welcoming, diversity and inspiration to live in a hundred ways:  inclusivity for all regardless of sexual orientation or gender-identity; a meal prepared for the homeless; helping Syrian refugees; a visit in the hospital; an exploration of spirituality through art; kids making homes for bees; uplighting music; a donation to the abused women identification program; an insight shared, a song, a hug, the gift of laughter.

Welcoming, Affirming, Diversity & Spirituality


We see everybody as a gift to life and able to inspire others through their unique presence.

Communion Table


McKillop United Church is a place for those looking for open-minded discussions, community for all ages, outreach to the community, and spiritual growth.

McKillop is an Affirming Ministry. 

We are committed to being an inclusive community of faith welcoming all persons regardless of age, gender identity, health, race, sexual orientation, differing abilities, religious or ethnic background or economic circumstances.

Members at Pride parade
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