McKillop United Lethbridge

has been apart of the  

community for over 60 years.

In 2018-2019 our building went

through renovations that allow us

to serve the community better.

This $1.6 million dollar renovation was funded in part by the provincial and federal government along with 

Faithful Footprints. 



Since 1954, McKillop has responded to the changing context

and needs of Lethbridge and the spiritual journey.

We began as an inspiration of Southminster United Church in

Lethbridge to serve to the growing southside of Lethbridge. 

We have strived to be in service to the community and help others thrive. 

Here we have experienced welcoming, diversity and inspiration to live in a hundred ways:

A meal prepared for college students; inclusivity for all regardless

of sexual orientation; a visit in the hospital; a donation to the abused women 

identification program; an insight shared, song, a hug, the gift of laughter. 



 We hope in the years ahead, we continue to be a generous

presence in our Lethbridge community.

We exist to welcome, nurture, and equip people for spirit-filled gospel living.


judy@mckillopunited.ca (Church Administrator)            

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McKillop United Church

2329 15th Avenue South
Lethbridge, Alberta T1K 0X5
Phone: (403) 328-2703
Fax: (403) 328-2704


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