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Introduction to Nonviolence 


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 - Online Community Course -

We are thrilled to have been able to partner with Pace e Bene nonviolence service to offer a

6-week zoom course!

We are offering this to foster personal growth, build healthy relationships, and work for world peace.

What is nonviolence? According to Pace e Bene, nonviolence is active and creative power for justice and well-being of all that employs neither passivity or violence. Nonviolence is a process that seeks to break the cycle of escalating and retaliatory violence; to reach out to the opponent and potential allies, to focus on the issue at hand, and to seek to reveal more clearly the truth and justice of the situation.

Nonviolence is organized love.


The course will be held on Zoom.

Participants must have internet access,

and microphone and video on their computer.
Each week, participants will be expected to complete weekly
readings/viewings and come prepared for group discussions online.

The cost for the course is $50.00 which can be paid through the church office via cash, cheque, credit (over the phone) or by sending an etransfer to

All participants will also be required to purchase a course book Engaging Nonviolence: Activating Nonviolent Change in Our Lives and Our World which is available for purchase online through Amazon or Pace e Bene.

Introduction to Nonviolence Online Commu

Course Goals:

Veronica+-White+background (1).jpg

This is a basic introduction to principled and strategic
nonviolence using Pace e Bene's Engaging Nonviolence Manual.

It is intended to provide an opportunity to

build community while studying nonviolence.

Using small and large groups on zoom,facilitators Veronica Pelicaric and

Rivera Sun will guide the participants through explorations into the

personal, interpersonal, and social justice aspects of nonviolence.


This Community Course is designed to be accessible, fun, friendly, and fearless.

Week 2: 

Understanding Nonviolence; Unpacking Violence

Week 1:

Week 3: 

Week 4: 

Week 5: 

Week 6: 

Exploring Nonviolence: Going Deeper

Nonviolence, Emotions, Camp; Inner Awareness

Conflict Camp; Community: Using Nonviolence In Our Lives

Building a Culture of Nonviolence:

Why We Need Nonviolence In Our World

Principles of Nonviolence

Weekly Themes:

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