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Thursday April 19th - 6:30 PM
McKillop United Church - Lane Lounge

"Circle of the Sun" 1960 (30 min)
An invitation to a gathering of the Blood Indians of Alberta where the Sun Dance is captured on film for the first time. This film shows how the theme of the circle reflects the band's connection to wildlife and addresses the predicament of the young generation, those who have relinquished their ties with their own culture but have not yet found their place in the modern world. (From NFB website) This is the first film in which we meet Pete Standing Alone, a young Blackfoot man who is finding his place in his own world.

"Standing Alone" 1982 (57 min)
Pete Standing Alone is a Blood Indian who, as a young man, found himself more at home in the White Man's culture than his own. Confronted with the realization that his children knew very little about their origins, he became determined to pass down to them the customs and traditions of his ancestors. This first film is a powerful biographical study of a 25 year span in Pete's life from his early days as an oil-rig rough neck, rodeo rider and cowboy, to the present as a First Nations person committed to preserving his tribe's spiritual heritage in the face of an energy-oriented industrial age. (From NFB website)

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