The Universal Christ: What Do We Do with the Bible? Book Study

Upcoming & Annual Events
01.16.2019 12:00 pm


at McKillop United Church
Starting January 16th at Noon or 7:00 PM for 4 weeks

Cost: $15 for the Book

What do we do with the Bible? Does this ancient, sometimes violent and contradictory text have anything to teach us today?

Scripture—by preachers and politicians alike—has been used to justify violence, racism, misogyny, homophobia. . . Still, we believe the Bible has something important to say. How can we read it in a contemplative and intelligent way?

Richard Rohr has written a small book to answer just this question: What Do We Do with the Bible? He offers a methodology of interpretation that creates a foundation for a hopeful and cosmic vision—In particular, Richard focuses on Jesus’ own method of using his Hebrew Scriptures. Jesus read between the lines to find and follow God’s mercy, inclusion, and compassionate justice. For Jesus, everything came down to relationship and transformation.

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