For 62 years McKillop has responded to the changing context, the needs of Lethbridge, and the spiritual journey.

Here we have experienced welcoming, diversity and inspiration to live in a hundred ways:  inclusivity for all regardless of sexual orientation or gender-identity; a meal prepared for the homeless; helping Syrian refugees; a visit in the hospital; an exploration of spirituality through art; kids making homes for bees; uplighting music; a donation to the abused women identification program; an insight shared, a song, a hug, the gift of laughter.

We see everybody as a gift to life and able to inspire others through their unique presence.
Our life together comes from our;

Core Values
Welcoming, Affirming, Diversity & Spirituality

Together with our Mission:
"We exist to welcome, nurture, and equip people for spirit-filled and spirit-directed gospel living."

We are all standing in a circle together.  We are all in service and ministry together.  We strive to support and care for one another.

We exist to welcome, nurture, and equip people for spirit-filled, gospel living.

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